Process integration provides efficiency and transparency

Optimized business process: more efficiency with less effort

The perfect cooperation of the different departments are essential for the success of your business. The key to success is the process integration. Only if the departments are interconnected and synchronized, you will achieve a smooth and continuous process. You will save on resources (time, budget, workforce) and increase your quality simultaneously.

expi solutions: bridging the gap between ECAD and ERP/PLM

With our solutions you will connect your ECAD domain to the ERP or PLM controlled business processes and optimize your workflow - for more efficiency and transparency. Whether development, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, quality assurance or finance, all departments will benefit through the process integration. Benefits a ta glance

Our Solution is especially designed to connect your ECAD system to your ERP- or PLM-System.

Besides this standard solution we can realize the connection to other ERP and PLM systems. The integration can be easily implemented through adaption and configuration.

Result: power to compete

With the connection of the ECAD and PLM/ERP world you will increase your productivity. You can react fast and flexible on customer demands, increase the efficiency when developing new and innovative products and comply with national and international laws and regulations. In short: You are best prepared for the challenges of the global market.