Corporate wide benefits of a process integration


  • Consistent, verified data reduces errors and enhances quality
  • Direct access to up-to-date data saves valuable time and facilitates cross-location, inter-departmental engineering
  • Comprehensive compliance information ensures that products are developed in line with the relevant legislation and standards.
  • The option to reuse verified assemblies helps to minimize development time
  • Working in parallel rather than sequentially speeds up product development

Procurement & Logistics

  • Up-to-date, verified bills of materials eliminate errors and time-consuming information searches
  • Making the relevant information available early on helps items with long lead time to be ordered well in advance
  • The reuse of assemblies minimizes the range of variants and optimizes the material’s masters and warehousing

Manufacturing & Fabrication

  • Early access to bills of materials enables easier production planning
  • Production-specific information is directly available to downstream manufacturing processes

Quality Assurance

  • Automatic tracking of certain materials facilitates fast response times and provides peace of mind with product liability issues
  • The integrated change management system allows users to access the various development stages of a project and search for specific criteria


  • Early availability of bills of materials enables accurate pre-calculation, feasibility and cost analyses