pe4SAP: Integrating the ECAD domain into the SAP-Workflow

Solutions for every system

Our Solution pe4 is especially designed to connect your ECAD system to SAP.

Besides this standard solution we can realize the connection to other ERP and PLM systems. The integration can be easily implemented through adaption and configuration. Towards ECAD, all established systems are compatible with our solution and are supported.

Familiar work environment

pe4 connects important domains of your company and assures a professional data management as well as an integration, continuous and organized workflow. Every employee is working, as before, in his familiar work environment: the engineers in the ECAD system, procurement or logistics in SAP.

Modular and flexible

To take your specific situation and your individual requirements into account, we modularized pe4. Three modules with individual key aspects allow a flexible adaption of your requirements and visions.