Efficient material management by BOM management

An efficient bill of materials management is the foundation for an efficient material management. By using the pe4bom module, you can integration your ECAD bill of materials into your SAP system. This way, you are being provided with complete and accurate bill of materials from your schematic and layout design available inside your company-wide SAP system.

Process integration everywhere

Development only uses verified, up-to-date components that are currently available in the ECAD system. The bill of materials are made available in SAP and can be transformed to other types of lists. The data is available company-wide for downstream processes: Procurement can identify items with a long lead and can order them well in advance, manufacturing can schedule their tasks without necessarily referring back to the development department.

Variant management for an increased productivity

pe4bom allows you to assign an assembly number in SAP and update the bill of materials. It checks whether all components in the bill of materials are available and authorized for use. If this is not the case, the development department needs to revise the bill of materials. Once successfully verified, the assembly is updated, and the assembly number is linked to the ECAD system. The assemblies are the foundation of the variant development and product configuration – efficient development, optimize the materials master, ordering system and warehousing.


  • Efficient bill of materials management
  • Assignment of assembly number in SAP and linking them to the ECAD system
  • Validation of the ECAD bills of materials when updated in SAP
  • Structured BoMs for downstream production processes
  • The ideal basis for an easy variant development and transparent variant management