Easy collaboration with synchronized material masters

The pe4components module is the heart of the integration solution. The tool synchronizes the SAP material’s masters with your ECAD system and vice versa. The result: complete, uniform and current data - company-wide. The collaboration between different departments or even sites will become much more faster and efficient through the professional data handling of pe4.

Compliance, Obsolescence, Product Liability made easy

Materials can now be selected and adjusted by technical or economical criteria. Country specific product adaptation can be implemented efficiently thanks to the available compliance information. Obsolescence data will assure, that your development department will not use materials, which cannot be purchased by your procurement department. The traceability of used materials eases product liability. Discovered that a material was defective during a certain period? The SAP system will show you exactly which products use this material.

SAP-Functionality in ECAD

pe4components brings SAP functions such as SAP classification and status information into your ECAD world and supports SAP change management, for even greater efficiency in your development process.


  • Uniform, up-to-date data throughout the entire company – no more redundancies
  • Effective collaboration across different locations and departments – even with partners and suppliers
  • Materials traceability is supported
  • Support of SAP classification and status management plus change management
  • Easy compliance and obsolescence management