Integrated and continuous processes from development to maintenance

Another step in your process integration is facilitated by pe4design. This module enables you to publish your ECAD documentation to SAP, company wide. Every department and every site has access and can work with the data, controlled by SAP. The derived manufacturing data and documentation are made available to production or support, at every time – integrated and continuous processes from product development, over manufacturing to service and maintenance.

Parallel instead of sequential development

pe4design enables the distinct classification of your ECAD innovation data to your single workflow steps. In this way, the typical sequential work of the schematic and layout design can be transformed into a parallel work – resulting in a saving of time. Check-in and check-out functions based on rights, access and version control in SAP takes care of the required security. All authorized users have access to the data, but only one user can make changes at a given time.

Knowledge base throughout the entire product life cycle

By the use of this centralized management of innovation data, manufacturing data and documentation you will create a valuable knowledge database with comprehensive documentation of the entire product life-cycle. With this precious knowledge you safeguard your company know-how and supplement your business intelligence system.


  • Cross-location development
  • Parallel, not sequential, working
  • Innovation data together with derived production and documentation data for an integrated workflow
  • Protecting company IP