The right partner for your integration

First-hand knowledge and experience

Until the formation of our company in the year 2012 we were an independent business unit of Productivity Engineering GmbH. For more than 15 years, the
company has been developing integrated circuits on behalf of our customers, and provide a full project handling service, from creation of the prototype, to production, right through to delivery. The potential of effective data management in the ECAD development environment was recognized right at the
start, and we developed the first interface solution.

Your Specialist for ECAD and Process Integrations

We have since become established as competent specialists in the ECAD data and process integration sector, and pe4 uses the very latest technology to adapt to your individual IT landscape with a tried-and-trusted solution.

Good reasons to trust us

  • Many years of experience in ECAD and process integration
  • Close collaboration between your PLM/ERP partner and expi GmbH.
  • Individual adaptation of pe4 to your IT environment
  • A sound investment, thanks to a tried-and-tested product from an established provider